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 Written by Ma. Laara Williamsen   from Vancouver-North   Canada        2011.




 Interview Uko Post in the Montreal Review by dr.T.S Tsonchev       febr. 2023 :


  Uko Post | An Interview











                                                                                                                                            Ecce Homo








Art is totally free, only bound in its own spiritual expression and any ulterior motive should remain without influence, because it would obscure her and make her more or less to a propaganda tool.



                                                       Helene Kröller-Müller     


                                                                                               I agree....






You should see this about art, what do you think ? 































A Deo rex,a rege lex

( from God the king, from the king the law)
















         The Narcissist
















A mission for my art could be:

You must have the guts to go deep into the heart of things, even if that heart is inky black, that you must not listen to the public, that you must try to be truthful, to remain true to yourself, that you have to risk everything to discover a small speck of truth and also that there are some fragile things that can make life valuable, such as there are: aesthetics (visual arts), literature,music, dance, love,eroticism and finally the melancholy of compassion.










After Eden



                                  4 Paintings   -  4 poems:



           Art & Poetry | Uko Post and Arjen Boswijk (